Disclosure Document for All Soup Recipes

This document is valid from March 1, 2011

As you surf around our website "All Soup Recipes" you will see advertising and affiliate links through which our website gets paid when you click or when you buy a product we recommend.

We value you, our visitor, and strive to recommend only products, services and companies of the highest caliber.

Without a source of income, few webmasters could continue devoting the time required to research and write informative pages. We have chosen to fund our website by promoting products and services and allowing advertisers to present relevant information to our visitors. It's just one way of making it possible to spend the hours necessary to produce these pages.

Advertising, in this case, offers visitors to these pages a wealth of products and product information that we hope will be of interest and enrich the monologue.

Everybody Benefits

The advertiser benefits because their information is in the hands of people who are interested in their subject.

You benefit by being presented with products and services relevant to a subject in which you are interested.

We benefit because we have the time and resources available to test recipes and publish them here for you to try.

We, at All Soup Recipes, are compensated, sometimes if you simply click and sometimes if you make a purchase.

You can build a website that does exactly the same thing! Maybe you'd rather stay at home and do something you love and then write about it.

Does Your Future Hold a Disclosure Page?

money tree

Everyone has a passion or an area of expertise that others want to know about. Building a niche website that shares information about something that you love with other people, who love it too, can become your full time occupation.

It's hard to believe that I'm telling you this because 5 years ago (when I started with my first website) I didn't even know how to copy and paste or send an attachment with an e-mail and I built this SEO optimized website that actually gets traffic and that requires me to write this page stating that I am indeed compensated by my affiliates.

It's all possible because of the web host with the most. The only web hosting company that will teach a complete newbie how to build a website that gets traffic. And traffic is the key to everything, if you have it, you're golden and you can bring together consumers and advertisers in a happy union that just happens to benefit you in the process.

Without traffic, a website will never be seen by anyone but your Mom.

If you think you'd like to stay at home and work at something that you control, you'd better have a look.

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