Chowder Recipes

Superb Chowder Recipes from the Prairies to the Seashore. Whether it's loaded with corn, vegetables or seafood, find an old faithful or a new family favorite here.


salmon chowder

This creamy version of Salmon Chowder is loaded with wild salmon, corn, potatoes and fresh dill. Whether you do your fishing on the high seas or at the supermarket this recipe will bring to mind a briny shoreside village.

Fresh salmon is tenderly simmered in a creamy broth so that every bit of it's luscious flavor ends up right where you want it. In the chowder.


clam chowder recipe

This recipe is a traditional Chowder Base Recipe that many old timers swear by.

Once you've made the substantial base you can add whatever your family likes to make a vegetable, clam, seafood, salmon, ham, corn, potato or conch chowder.

"The sky's the limit" so let your imagination run wild and add whatever's in season. We'd love to hear about what you come up with.


clam chowder recipe

Creamy, New England Style Clam Chowder.

Bring the seashore home with this nautical one dish meal. You can practically smell the salt air.

Click on the picture to the left for a thick and rich clam chowder recipe that can be made with fresh, canned or frozen clams.


corn chowder

Here's a hearty meal that even the kids will love and it's a real budget pleaser too.

A Fresh Corn Chowder that delivers a sweet and robust chowder from fresh or frozen cobs of corn.

Smoky bacon and tender herbs flavor the rich broth and crisp kernels of corn abound.

If meals for Royalty on a peasant's budget, appeal to you, you're going to love this chowder recipe.


The Chowder Pot

Choose a pot that's sized appropriately for the recipe (add together the liquid ingredients and double the sum, eg.
6 C water = 12 C pot size or at least 3 quarts (liters)).

A chowder pot should also have a heavy bottom that distributes heat evenly to prevent scorching of thick milky contents.

My preference is either stainless steel or cast iron, especially for soup and chowder. If I were going to buy just one soup pot it would be the Farberware Classic 4-Quart Saucepotchowder pot. The 4 quart size works for most recipes, is easy to store and the substantial bottom provides a sturdy, even base that is very forgiving if I forget something on the stove.

A 6-Quart model is equally well loved and would be my first choice if my family were bigger.

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