Easy Soup Recipes

Mouthwatering one pot meals in a snap.

Easy Soup Recipes that satisfy the appetite and pack in the nutrients. Chop, simmer and stir up, sensational one pot meals with these easy meal recipes for lunch and supper.

easy soup recipes

Almost every soup recipe could fit under the Easy Soup Recipe banner but here we'll include recipes that have a simple ingredient list, take a half hour or less to make and require no special tools or appliances - just a cutting board, sharp knife, big spoon and a soup pot sized appropriately for the recipe.

Lets Get Started

Choose a roomy stainless steel 4 to 6 quart (liter) pot with a lid and a heavy bottom that distributes heat evenly and prevents scorching. A good soup potsouppot is a worthy investment and will repay you with successful recipes for decades.


easy potato soup recipes

A Quick & Easy Potato Soup Recipe. Thrifty, hearty, tasty and fast. This soup recipe has it all! It's a family favorite around here and I think you're going to love it too.

Here's how to make a nourishing potato soup with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.


pepper pot

Delicious Pepper Pot Soup recipe but with an appetite pleasing twist. Start with a little bacon and pile in the vegetables. This is an easy and quick soup recipe that's thick and mouthwatering as well as easy on the budget.

I have to tell you that I just about let this one get away, until I decided that it could work for us with a few tweaks. It's turned into another family favorite, this one is requested at least once a month and it's a super lunch treat in a Soup Thermos too!


quick onion soup

Here's a Quick Onion Soup Recipe that turns a humble onion and a little beef broth into a classy taste bud pleaser.

This soup looks and tastes better than most restaurant onion soups I've tried and yet it takes less than 30 minutes from "what's for supper" to "soups on".


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